Hi, Mates!

Today I have got admin rights for our wiki. As I announced earlier, I'm ready to help you with any task an admin can do. I'm also ready to give admin rights to any active member of the community, who wishes to get them.

I have been contributing to our wiki for more than a month now. I have reworked the Construction page and added/updated specific building pages. I have also added and updated quite a number of pages on item classes and specific items. There were good people out there, who worked to make our wiki become better. Thanks to Persocom01 for good work on the Characters page. CF2 and Tiver have done great job updating events pages. Crit-fil-a made really good contributions all around the wiki. Also let's not forget a number of anonymous editors, who corrected, added and updated.

Anyway, despite of our good work, our wiki is far from being complete :)

So, I'm posting my own plan for updating the wiki. I will keep it updated as I progress. I will be very happy if someone decides to lend me a hand. Please let me know, if you decide to work on a task (so we can avoid doing the same job twice).

Yours, Redme