"A middle ground between light and heavy armours. Decent protection with manageable weight."
— In-game description

Medium armour is an intermediate type of armour, which provides better protection than light armor and weights less than heavy armour. Medium armour does not provide Shielding Shielding bonus, which makes it inferior to heavy armour. It is usually better to equip weaker characters with lightest heavy armour, than the best medium armour.

Unlocking medium armour crafting requires 1 advancement points and is available after light armour crafting has been researched.

Base Recipe Edit


Leather × 12
Bone × 14


Bone × 8
Wood × 8
Leather × 7
Metal × 6


Thread × 10
Leather × 10
Coal × 3
Fiber × 15

List of Medium Armours Edit

Best examples, based on Armour and sorted by Armour|Weight. For full list of recipies please consult dedicated articles or this spreadsheet .

Name Primary Secondary Armour Additional properties Weight (kg) Crafting Points Research Points
Dragon Shell Dragon Shell Dragon leather Dragon leather 26 +4 Leech Leech 76 684 25
Draco Bone Armour Draco Bone Armour Dragon bone Dragon leather 23 +4 Leech Leech 168 756 27
Scaled Armour Scaled Armour Scaled leather Dragon leather 20 +1 Leech Leech, +2 Shielding Shielding 88 588 22
Runic Bone Jacket Runic Bone Jacket Enchanted Bone Dragon leather 20 +1 Leech Leech, +4 Magic Magic 168 742 26
Fur Jacket Fur Jacket Fur leather Dragon leather 18 +1 Leech Leech, +2 Dexterity Dexterity 124 480 19
Live Lianas Shell Monsterbone Shell Monster bone Dragon leather 17 +1 Leech Leech 168 602 22
Leather Jerkin Leather Jerkin Leather Dragon leather 16 +1 Leech Leech, +2 Dexterity Dexterity 100 360 14
Bone Spike Armour Bone Spike Armour Bone Dragon leather 15 +1 Leech Leech 168 336 13

Maximum attribute bonuses Edit

Attribute Item Primary Material Secondary Material
+2 Attractiveness Attractiveness Any Any Elven Wood
+3 Dexterity Dexterity Fur Jacket Fur leather Fur leather Silver Leather
+3 Dexterity Dexterity Leather Jerkin Leather Silver Leather Fur leather
+4 Leech Leech Draco Bone Armour Dragon bone Dragon leather Dragon Bone
+4 Leech Leech Dragon Shell Dragon leather Dragon leather Dragon Bone
+7 Magic Magic Runic Bone Jacket Enchanted Bone Enchanted Bone
+2 Perception Perception Any Any Mithrill
+4 Shielding Shielding Scaled Armour Scaled leather Scaled leather
+3 Will Will Any Any Gold
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