Light armour is, of course, a relatively light and cheap type of armour. Though not as light and cheap as clothes, they give more than double the Armour Armour bonus. They are the heaviest type of armor that uses thread, and make an excellent early-game or mass-production armour option.

Light armour occupies the Armour equipment slot.

All Light armour gives Armour Armour; the quality of the materials determines how much. Many also grant a second or even third attribute bonus. Both the primary and secondary materials used affect what additional attributes the item gives. Using gems as the secondary material adds a random attribute bonus.

Researching light armour crafting has no prerequisites, and is required to unlock shields, medium armours, and heavy armours (via medium armours).

Base Recipe Edit


Leather × 6
Thread × 8


Bones × 6
Wood × 6
Leather × 5
Gems × 8


Thread × 8
Leather × 6

List of Light Armours Edit

Best examples, based on Armour and sorted by Armour|Weight. For full list of recipies please consult dedicated articles or this spreadsheet .

Name Primary Secondary Armour Additional properties Weight (kg) Crafting Points Research Points
Dragon Scale Armour Dragon Scale Armour Dragon leather Dragon leather 16 +2 Leech Leech 44 396 17
Nature's Skin Nature's Skin Vine Dragon leather 13 +1 Leech Leech 44 356 16
Scaled Coat Scaled Coat Scaled leather Dragon leather 13 +1 Leech Leech, +1 Shielding Shielding 50 348 16
Silky Vest Silky Vest Spidersilk Dragon leather 12 +1 Leech Leech 28 380 16
Heavy Fur Brigandine Heavy Fur Brigandine Fur leather Dragon leather 12 +1 Leech Leech, +1 Dexterity Dexterity 68 294 14
Smith's Apron Smith's Apron Leather Dragon leather 11 +1 Leech Leech, +1 Dexterity Dexterity 56 234 11
Quilted Cloth Quilted Cloth String Dragon leather 10 +1 Leech Leech 36 228 10

Maximum attribute bonuses Edit

Random bonuses from gems are also applicable.

Attribute Item Primary Material Secondary Material
+1 Attractiveness Attractiveness Any Any Elven wood
+2 Dexterity Dexterity Heavy Fur Brigandine Fur leather Leather Fur leather
+2 Dexterity Dexterity Smith's Apron Leather Fur leather Leather
+2 Leech Leech Dragon Scale Armour Dragon leather Dragon leather Dragon bone
+2 Magic Magic Any Any Enchanted bone
+2 Shielding Shielding Scaled Coat Scaled leather Scaled leather