Warning: Most of the info below is outdated or needs clarification!

Veles Edit

  1. Villagers research faster. (10% fewer points needed)
  2. +2 bonus Armour during challenges versus Disease, Curse, and Intellect.
  3. One of the starting Villagers is a Sage.
  4. All your villagers gain +2 bonus to Magic.
  5. All your villagers deal (2 - shown in combat) Poison Damage.

Svarog Edit

  1. Sun's Blessing! Guided by the power of the sun's return, your villagers gain experience faster. (10% fewer points needed)
  2. Righteous Conviction! All your villagers get a +2 bonus to Speech and +3 to Attractiveness.
  3. The Shield of the Sun! Under your protection, there is less chance of your village being attacked during day turns.
  4. Solar Vision! Your village starts with an advanced Watchtower already built. (Although stated to be "advanced" in the description, the materials which the tower is made of ranges from the lowest tier to mid tier ones, excluding elven wood, resulting +1 to +3 view range bonuses. It is possible for players to start with a tower entirely of dark wood and a free +1 Attract Goblins bonus. )
  5. The Path of Light! Expeditions gain an additional Movement Point. (The effect applies during both day and night turns.)

Zorya Edit

  1. Villagers gain experience faster (10% fewer points needed)
  2. All your villagers get a +1 bonus to Damage and +2 to Ranged Damage.
  3. All your villagers get a +3 bonus to Armour.
  4. Your people start with one additional rare equipment item.
  5. Start with an additional special character known as the Son of Zorya.

Horos Edit

  1. During night turns all your villagers get a +1 bonus to Damage and +2 Ranged Damage.
  2. All your villagers get a +2 bonus to Stealth.
  3. Your vision during night turns is as good as during day turns.
  4. One of your starting villagers is Nightstalker (goblin; replaces random human in village, so you can start without craftsman or one gatherer)
  5. Expeditions gain 2 additional Movement Points during night turns.

Mokosh Edit

  1. Your villagers are 10% faster at gathering. (10% fewer points needed)
  2. All your villagers get a +1 bonus to Gathering.
  3. Your settlement always starts with Grain as second food resource in gathering range.
  4. Your settlement starts with a Pasture already built
  5. All your villagers get a +4 bonus to Health and craft faster.

Morena Edit

  1. Basic Education! Your villagers are clever so they research everything faster! (10% fewer points needed)
  2. Know Thy Enemies! All your villagers get a +2 bonus to Folklore and +3 to Animal Kinship.
  3. Advanced Education! All your villagers get a +1 bonus to Medic and +2 to Tactics
  4. The Pen, Mightier than the Sword! You receive six basic gadgets to aid you in your struggles. (Start with 6 additional pieces of jewelery.)
  5. Through Wisdom to Victory! Start with 2 Advancement Points.

Lada Edit

  1. The Power of Hope! Your villagers gather and research faster. (as above)
  2. The Power of Love! All your villagers gain +2 Will, +1 Intelligence and +3 Health.
  3. Beauty and Bounty! Your people gain +3 Attractiveness and 50 (additional) food, so they are always ready to celebrate!
  4. Material Girl! Start with additional advanced equipment, including weapons and armour.
  5. Irresistible Vibe! An old, yet very wise sage joins your village to spread the words of Lada!

Perun Edit

  1. Supreme Start! Your villagers can Gather, Craft and gain Experience Points faster. (as above)
  2. Blazing Power! All your villagers gain +1 Armour, +2 Ranged Damage and +2 Damage.
  3. Thundering Wisdom! Start with 3 additional Advancement Points.
  4. Building Flash! Your settlement starts with a Smithy, a Watchtower and a Palisade already built. (All level 1)
  5. Lightning Strikes! Start with +5 Health for all villagers and 2 rare crossbows (Perun's Arrowbearers) in the Inventory.