Buildings boost your settlement in many ways: some improve survivability of villagers in Ostoja, others help with attracting more people to your cause, or simply buff villagers with certain attributes.

There are fourteen buildings in Thea. You can have ten buildings in your settlement at any time, and you can always deconstruct a building to make room for another. You can have more than one building of the same type at once, but some effects do not stack.

At the beginning of the game, there are no buildings built in the settlement, and only one (the Pasture) is unlocked. Additional buildings are unlocked through research.

Once a building has been unlocked, it is built from the Construction tab in the settlement management screen. Just like with crafting, there are many possible combinations of materials that can be used to construct each building. Buildings, constructed from rarer primary and secondary materials, provide greater bonuses. Some materials, in addition to improving the basic abilities of the building, may improve the chance to attract certain characters to the village. Unlike with crafting, the choice of a catalyst does not affect construction.

A full list of buildings with construction options and their effects can be found here.

List of buildings Edit

Name Research Primary bonuses Additional benefits
Pasture Pasture Add Food Add Food
Cabbage Field Cabbage Field 1 AP Attract Children Attract Children
Herbalist's Hut Herbalist's Hut 1 AP Add Healing Add Healing
  • Produces Herbs each turn equal to healing bonus
  • Unlocks the Medic class
Well Well 1 AP Add Random Resource Add Random Resource
Meeting Hall Meeting Hall 1 AP, Well Will Bonus Will Bonus
Speech Bonus Speech Bonus
Intelligence Bonus Intelligence Bonus
Manger Manger 1 AP, Well Animal Kinship Bonus Animal Kinship Bonus
Attract Beast Attract Beast
Watchtower Watchtower 1 AP Vision Vision
Palisade Palisade 2 AP, Watchtower Shielding Bonus Shielding Bonus
Blessed Paths Blessed Paths 1 AP, Watchtower, Palisade Gathering Radius Gathering Radius
  • Faster movement within gathering radius
Barracks Barracks 1 AP, Watchtower Damage Bonus Damage Bonus
Archery Range Archery Range 1 AP, Watchtower, Barracks Ranged Damage Bonus Ranged Damage Bonus
Smithy Smithy 1 AP Crafting Bonus Crafting Bonus
  • Unlocks crafting good quality items
  • Children are better Crafters
Totem Totem 1 AP, Smithy Magic Bonus Magic Bonus
Blessed Tree Symbol Blessed Tree Symbol 2 AP, Smithy Permanent Bless Permanent Bless
Remove Curse Remove Curse

Attraction bonuses Edit

Attraction bonuses represent the chance, that a character of a certain race will join your settlement at the beginning of the turn. Each point provides 0.5% chance to attract a character, which is further modified by total population and current turn. The more population you have, the harder it is to attract more heroes[1].

The attraction bonuses from buildings appear, if certain materials are used in construction. The bonus directly depends on the volume of used material (that's why buildings which require more resources tend to produce better attraction bonuses). The manger is the only building that has intrinsic Attract Beast Attract Beast bonus. It does not depend on attraction materials, but rather scales as all other primary attributes - based on the rarity of the materials used in construction.

The same attraction bonuses from different buildings stack.

The following materials grant attraction bonuses, when used in construction:

Attraction Materials Units per attraction point
Attract Beast Attract Beast Monster bone 1 attraction per 8 monster bones.
Clay 1 attraction per 40 clay.
Sandstone 1 attraction per 40 sandstone.
Attract Demon Attract Demon Dragon bone 1 attraction per 12 dragon bones.
Enchanted bone 1 attraction per 20-27 enchanted bones.
Attract Dwarf Attract Dwarf Gold 1 attraction per 20 gold.
Attract Elven Attract Elven Elven wood 1 attraction per 40 elven wood.
Attract Goblin Attract Goblin Obsidian 1 attraction per 12 obsidian.
Dark wood 1 attraction per 40 dark wood.
Attract Human Attract Human Grain 1 attraction per 8 grain.
Vegetable Mushroom Fruit Exotic fruit 1 attraction per 12 vegetables, mushrooms or fruits.
Moonstone 1 attraction per 16 moonstone.
Fish Seaweed Meat Bird meat 1 attraction per 20 fish, seaweed or meat.
Nuts 1 attraction per 20-25 nuts.
Attract Orc Attract Orc Steel 1 attraction per 20 steel.

The list of maximum attraction bonuses from buildings is as follows:

Building Beast

Attract Beast


Attract Demon


Attract Dwarf


Attract Elven


Attract Goblin


Attract Human


Attract Orc

Archery range Archery Range 10 6 2 2
Barracks Barracks 5 3 1 1 5 4 1
Blessed Tree Symbol Blessed Tree Symbol 1 4 3
Cabbage Field Cabbage Field 2 4
Herbalists hut Herbalists Hut 1 1
Manger Manger 5 3
Meeting Hall Meeting Hall 6 3 2 1 3 7 2
Palisade Palisade 6 3 2 2 6 5 2
Pasture Pasture 2 4
Smithy Smithy 4 2 1 1 4 3 1
Totem Totem 6 3 2 6 5
Watchtower Watchtower 4 2 1 1 4 3 1
Well Well 2 2

Notes Edit

  1. According to the developers the general attraction formula may be represented like that (the divisor does not go below 1): $ \frac{0.5% * Building Attract Value} {(Current Population / Starting Population)} $ The chance to attract is further throttled if your population is bigger than $ Starting Population + Turn / 15 $