Clothes are the lightest and cheapest type of armour. They give a small boost to Armour Armour, and in some cases a second attribute, in exchange for being very light. Clothes occupy the Armour equipment slot.

All clothing gives Armour Armour; the quality of the materials determines how much. Both the primary and secondary materials used affect what bonus attributes (if any) the item gives. Using gems as the secondary material adds a random attribute bonus.

There is no research tech associated with clothing; the ability to craft them is always unlocked at the beginning of the game.

Base Recipe Edit


Thread × 4
Leather × 2


Thread × 4
Leather × 2
Gems × 6


Thread × 2
Leather × 1

List of Clothes Edit

Best examples, based on Armour and sorted by Armour|Weight. For full list of recipies please consult dedicated articles or this spreadsheet .

Name Primary Secondary Armour Additional properties Weight (kg) Crafting Points Research Points
Dragonhide Blouse Dragonhide Blouse Dragon leather Diamond 7 Random 14 300 15
Vine Cardigan Vine Cardigan Vine Diamond 7 Random 18 316 15
Silk Tunic Silk Tunic Spidersilk Diamond 6 Random 10 328 15
Reptile Vest Reptile Vest Scaled leather Diamond 6 Random 16 284 14
Fur Coat Fur Coat Fur leather Diamond 6 Random 22 266 13
Plain Shirt Plain Shirt String Diamond 5 Random 14 252 12
Leather Shirt Leather Shirt Leather Diamond 5 Random 18 246 12

Maximum attribute bonuses Edit

Random bonuses from gems are also applicable.

Attribute Item Primary Material Secondary Material
+1 Dexterity Dexterity Fur Coat Fur leather Leather Fur leather
+1 Dexterity Dexterity Leather Shirt Leather Leather Fur leather
+1 Leech Leech Dragonhide Blouse Dragon leather Dragon leather
+1 Shielding Shielding Reptile Vest Scaled leather Scaled leather
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