Bows are a type of equipment that give characters Ranged Damage Ranged Damage, which in turn grants the Support Ally tactical ability in Fight and Hunting encounters.

Bows are one of the two types of equipment that occupy the Ranged Weapons equipment slot; the other are crossbows. Bows have lower Ranged Damage Ranged Damage than crossbows, but are lighter and cheaper.

The primary and secondary materials used do not give additional attribute bonuses: all bows give Ranged Damage Ranged Damage, and nothing else. The quality of the materials does still affect the value of the Ranged Damage bonus.

Researching bows crafting has no prerequisites, and is required to unlock crossbow crafting.

Base Recipe Edit


Wood × 4
Fiber × 5 (Wicker or better)
Cane × 5


Thread × 4
Leather × 3


Wood × 2
Thread × 2

List of Bows Edit

Best examples, based on ranged damage and sorted by Ranged damage|Weight. For full list of recipes please consult dedicated articles or this spreadsheet.

Name Primary Secondary Ranged Damage Weight (kg) Crafting Points Research Points
Whispering Bow Whispering Bow Ancient Wood Vine 9 32 228 12
Hunter's Bow Hunter's Bow Nimblewood Vine 7 22 263 13
Song of the Forest Song of the Forest Dryad Wood Dragon Leather 7 24 216 11
Short Bow Short Bow Wicker Vine 7 25 213 11
Bramblewood Bow Bramblewood Bow Dark Wood Vine 7 52 136 7
Crude Bow Crude Bow Cane Vine 6 25 148 8
Hole Singer Hole Singer Elven Wood Vine 6 36 152 8
Wooden Bow Wooden Bow Wood Vine 5 52 112 6