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Attributes are properties of characters that determine their abilities in challenges, as well as what options are available to them in quest events.

All characters in game are built via basic statistics and abilities redistribution system. Simple explanation is that they get X levels on start and abilities are randomly raised.

But to be precise, upon creation each character gets basic statistics and abilities pool based on character class (warrior, medic, dwarf, ghost, etc.) Abilities are spent randomly through focus system based on character class or its custom abilities focus. Events and equipment can also give some special attributes.


Skills are inherent attributes characters raise when they level up; different classes favor different skills. Skill-type attributes can also be boosted by equipment. Skills are used in challenges, quest events. They also affect other game actions like crafting, construction, gathering, healing and others. There are 23 skills in the game:

Skill Description
Animal Kinship Animal Kinship Understanding the animal world can be useful in many situations.
Armour Armour Armour is the primary defence skill for Fight Fight challenges. It is a combination of Health Health and equipment bonuses.
Attractiveness Attractiveness Attractiveness is used in many events and for First Action and Counter Offence in Social Social challenges.
Craft Craft The ability to create objects and build. Craft can be increased by certain tools.
Curse Curse Knowledge about curses. Used in Hex Hex challenge.
Damage Damage Damage is the power of attack during Fight Fight challenges.
Dexterity Dexterity Dexterity is not only how nimble you are, but also increases your Stealth Stealth. Dex and Stealth are used in a variety of challenges: Hunting HuntingSneaking Sneaking and even Fight Fight.
Folklore Folklore Folklore represents both wisdom, knowledge and even basic folk rituals. Used in Intellect Intellect and Hex Hex challenges.
Gathering Gathering Gathering determines your ability to gather materials and the speed at which you do it. Also used in Hunting Hunting challenges.
Health Health Health shows how much damage you can take before dying. It also increases your Armour Armour during Fight Fight challenges.
Herbalism Herbalism Herbalism is the ability to collect and use herbs. It is used in Cure Sickness Cure Sickness challenges.
Intelligence Intelligence Intelligence is the primary skill for Intellect Intellect challenges, but it is also used in many others and can help you overcome many obstacles.
Magic Magic Magic is a rare and sought after skill. It is used in Hex Hex challenges, but can also help you resolve many situations in unexpected ways.
Medic Medic A Medic skill is invaluable in fighting Cure Sickness Cure Sickness challenges and it lowers chances of dying from wounds for the group they're in.
Perception Perception Perception is your ability to spot things, to assess danger and scout ahead. Used as a Tactic in many challenges, including Hunting Hunting or Intellect Intellect.
Ranged Damage Ranged Damage Ranged damage gives tactical abilities during Fight Fight and Hunting Hunting challenges.
Shielding Shielding Shielding is an ability which relies mostly on the equipment to protect the wearer (or other characters) during Fight Fight challenges.
Speech Speech Speech shows how eloquent your people are. It is used in Social Social challenges and can help you get out of many tight spots using diplomacy.
Stealth Stealth Stealth is your ability to move quietly, unseen by your foes, it is boosted by Dexterity Dexterity and used in many challenges, but primarily Sneaking Sneaking.
Strength Strength Strength determines your damage, your lift, as well as your general physical prowess. Used in many challenges, including Fight Fight and Physical Physical.
Tactics Tactics Tactics are used in many challenges to give tactical moves.
Traps Traps The ability to lay Traps is very useful, the skill is used primarily in Hunting Hunting, Tactical Tactical and Fight Fight challenges.
Will Will Will is the primary defence skill for many challenges, including Social Social and Hex Hex.

Most of the skills are used in different challenges as a base for tactical abilities. Get Closer ability is always de Offense ability so you can only get closer a tactical card if it may damage enemies.

Skill Offense Defense First Action Support Ally Shield Ally Counter Offense Counter Tactic Confuse Get Closer
Animal Kinship Animal Kinship Hunting Hunting
Armour Armour Fight
Attractiveness Attractiveness Social Social
Curse Curse Hex Hex
Damage Damage Fight Fight
Dexterity Dexterity Sneaking Physical
Folklore Folklore Intellect

Social Hex

Gathering Gathering Hunting Hunting
Health Health Cure sickness Hunting Physical Sneaking
Herbalism Herbalism Cure sickness Cure sickness Hex
Intelligence Intelligence Intellect Tactical Social Hex Cure sickness Social Physical Intellect Intellect Tactical
Magic Magic Hex Cure sickness Physical Sneaking Intellect Tactical Social Hex
Medic Medic Hex Cure sickness Cure sickness
Perception Perception Hunting Intellect Physical Tactical Hunting Fight Intellect
Ranged Damage Ranged Damage Fight Hunting
Shielding Shielding Fight
Speech Speech Social Tactical Social
Stealth Stealth Sneaking Fight Hunting Sneaking Sneaking
Strength Strength Physical Physical Physical
Tactics Tactics Tactical Intellect Fight Physical Sneaking Tactical
Traps Traps Fight Tactical Hunting
Will Will Cure sickness Social Hex Intellect Tactical Sneaking Cure sickness

Weapon Effects[]

During the card game in addition to raw offence, characters may have additional weapon effects, which modify their attacks. There are four basic types of weapon effects: Blunt Damage Blunt Damage, Piercing Damage Piercing Damage, Poison Poison and Leech Leech. Blunt and piercing modify the way damage is dealt to enemies. Poison and Leech increase the offense value and provide additional bonuses (extra damage to wounded enemies and lifesteal respectively).

Blunt, Piercing, Poison and Leech are used during Fight Fight challenges. However, all other challenge types have their own weapon effects, which act exactly like these basic types (except for blunt damage, which is unique to fights and has no equivalent in other challenges).

Basic weapon effects are provided by weapons and other equipment such as armor and artifacts, and characters can even learn them as skills occasionally when leveling up[Can they?]. Weapon effects for challenges other than Fight Fight are usually provided by jewellery items.

Some monsters have natural weapon effects as well; for example, spiders use Poison Poison as their primary source of damage.

There are 16 unique weapon effects in the game and it may be hard to distinguish between them at a glance. When in doubt, check the color of the icon. Icons of piercing-like damage are always blue, poison icons are green and leech icons are red.

Blunt Damage[]

All damage remaining after killing an opponent is then dealt to the second opponent. If you selected Blood Bath in the game difficulty settings, while all the damage will be applied to the first opponent because his health is allowed to go negative, the overlap (the amount by which the first enemy's health went negative) will still get applied to a second enemy.

Weapon effect Used in challenges
Blunt Damage Blunt Damage Fight Fight

Piercing Damage[]

If you enter the battlefield behind an enemy, deal half offense damage (not leech or poison) to that enemy and then move before them in initiative. Blunt damage overrides piercing, so if you have an Elf with natural piercing and equip a Warhammer he will lose the piercing ability. The Jewellery column shows the items that provide the corresponding piercing effect.

Weapon effect Used in challenges Jewellery
Piercing Damage Piercing Damage Fight Fight
Fast Reaction Fast Reaction Cure sickness Cure sicknessPhysical Physical Malachite Syrin's Bracelet
Concentration Concentration Hex Hex, Intellect Intellect Amber Small Amber Charm

Diamond Diamond Ring

Light Steps Light Steps Hunting HuntingSneaking Sneaking Topaz Sundrop Earrings
Clear Mind Clear Mind Social SocialTactical Tactical Ruby Blood Drop, Diamond Diamond Ring


Deals damage to the enemy, and deals double damage to already-damaged opponents.

Weapon effect Used in challenges Jewellery
Poison Poison Fight Fight
Adrenaline Boost Adrenaline Boost Cure sickness Cure sickness, Physical Physical Ancient Wood Tree Praying Necklace
Divination Divination Hex HexIntellect Intellect Silver Silver Brooche
Backstab Backstab Hunting HuntingSneaking Sneaking Dryad Wood Tear of the Nymph
Feint Feint Social SocialTactical Tactical Dark Wood Dark Pendant

Gold Gold Signet


Deals damage to the enemy, and heals you for the leech amount.

Weapon effect Used in challenges Jewellery
Leech Leech Fight Fight Dragon Bone Dragon Signet
Sturdiness Sturdiness Cure sickness Cure sickness, Physical Physical Dragon Bone Dragon Signet

Ancient Wood Tree Praying Necklace Mithrill Mountain Heart Amulet

Sixth Sense Sixth Sense Hex HexIntellect Intellect Dryad Wood Tear of the Nymph
Distraction Distraction Hunting HuntingSneaking Sneaking Mithrill Mountain Heart Amulet
Find Weakness Find Weakness Social SocialTactical Tactical Dragon Bone Dragon Signet

Silver Silver Brooche

Temporary Attributes[]

Negative Effects[]

From simple wounds to more complex poison or sickness, characters get hurt during exploration of Thea. That's not all, because there are plenty of negative magic effects such as curses.

  • Wounds: Reduce the health of the villager. The Medic attribute in group does not increase the healing rate but reduces the probability of dying from any critical wounds.
  • Sickness also cures over time, but requires the Medic attribute and/or Herbs to deal with.
  • Poison and curses can only be healed in special events or places such as the Herbalist's Hut (poison) or Dziody camp (curses).


Simple damage done due to fight or events.

  • When out of food (anytime): Adds 1 wound per turn.
  • In an expedition with food: Heals 1 wound per turn (even if having 9+ types of food).
  • At a camp/village with food and fuel healing is:
    • 3 base healing.
    • +1 per every 10 health (above 1) of the villager (Eg: for 10 health = +0, for 11 health = +1).
    • +1 with at least 9 different types of food.
    • +1-5 while inside the village with an Herbalist's House building.

Wounds can he healed instantly at the Herbalist's Hut (location) by offering 30 food and 5 wood and defeating a level 2 Sneaking Sneaking challenge (consisting of around 4 level 4 cards with 7 Offense and 4 Defense each). If the hut is less than one turn's distance from the village you can reliably heal critical wounds the same turn they are taken.

Critical Wound[]

The base chance of dying from Wounds is or . That is, a villager won't die as long as he has above 30% health. The maximum chance of dying without the Bloodbath mode is 30% at 0 Health. Death is checked at the end of turn, before healing. [1]

Without the Bloodbath, the best medic decreases the death chance by 1% per skill point and the second best medic by 0.5% per skill point:

In the Bloodbath mode — by 4% and 2% respectively:


As per the healing rules above, villagers with higher health will heal a lower percent of their maximum health per turn so it will take more turns to surpass the 30% threshold and cure the Critical Wound. The following table summarizes the maximum villager's health that will heal in 1/2/3 turns according to where he is resting at:

Resting Place Fuel Food Types Available Herbalist's Hut Healing Bonus Villager's maximum health that will still heal the Critical Wound in:
1 turn 2 turns 3 turns
In expedition - 1 or more - 3 6 9
Camping or at the village Y 1 - 8 0 13 46
Camping or at the village Y 9 or more 0 16 66
At the village Y 9 or more 1 23 86
At the village Y 9 or more 2 26 106
At the village Y 9 or more 3 33 126
At the village Y 9 or more 4 36 146
At the village Y 9 or more 5 43 166

For example, in the first row we can see that a villager completely wounded (with 0 health) in an expedition with food will heal his critical wounds in 1 turn if he has a maximum health of at most 3 or in 2 turns if he has a maximum health of at most 6.

A tool to help calculate chance of death n turns from now (with bloodbath turned off):


Cures over time. The amount is the number of turns in which it will wear off.

Negative effect Description
Sick Sick Lose 1 Health Health per turn until it wears off.
Heavily Sick Heavily Sick Lose 3 Health Health per turn until it wears off.
Deadly Sick Deadly Sick Lose 6 Health Health per turn until it wears off.

You may get Heavily Sick Heavily Sick (3) +Sick Sick (6) so you will lose 4Health for the first 3 turns and 1Health for the remaining 3 turns.


Will not wear off. Should be cured at Herbalist's Hut (location).

Negative effect Description
Poisoned Poisoned Lose 1 Health Health per turn until cured.
Heavily Poisoned Heavily Poisoned Lose 3 Health Health per turn until cured.
Deadly Poisoned Deadly Poisoned Lose 6 Health Health per turn until cured.

At the Herbalist's Hut you need to win a level 2 Physical Physical challenge (consisting of around 4 level 4 cards with 7 Offense and 14 Defense each). Send warriors and gatherers and/or equip Syrin's Bracelet (with Malachite) for piercing effect and/or Tree Praying Necklace (with Ancient Wood) for leech and poison effect.


Will not wear off. Should be removed at Dziody (location) by offering 50 food and winning the corresponding challenge.

Negative effect Description
Deforming Curse Deforming Curse Lowers character's Attractiveness Attractiveness by 5 until removed.

Win a Sneak challenge to remove

Curse of Darkness Curse of Darkness Lowers character's Will Will by 5 until removed.

Win a level 2 Hunting Hunting challenge to remove (four cards with 3 Offense and 8 Defense).

Cursed Cursed Lose 5 maximum and current Health Health until removed.

Win a level 2 Social Social challenge to remove (four cards level 3 with 3 Offense and 3 Defense).

Weakening Curse Weakening Curse Lowers character's Strength Strength by 1 until removed.
Note: If the party has multiple curses those must be removed in the following order: Deforming Curse, Curse of the Darkness, Cursed

Positive Effects[]

As a reward for positive results in events or quests, participating groups or individual characters can become blessed with temporary increases in attributes.

List of Blessings:

Blessing Description
Bless of Attractiveness Bless of Attractiveness +5 Attractiveness Attractiveness
Bless of Dexterity Bless of Dexterity +5 Dexterity Dexterity
Bless of Health Bless of Health +8 Health Health
Bless of Intelligence Bless of Intelligence +5 Intelligence Intelligence
Bless of Magic Bless of Magic +3 Magic Magic
Bless of Speech Bless of Speech +5 Speech Speech
Bless of Strength Bless of Strength +5 Strength Strength
Bless of Will Bless of Will +5 Will Will